Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girls camp dreams....

(It seems I may have been reading too many american blogs because I'm now calling it 'girls camp'!)

Tomorrow I am off to Mt Tamborine for 3 days of smokey hair, watery eyes, and fire-flavoured food....... YAY!!!!!

I have learnt many things in my 5 short months as president..... and the first about camp is that there is too much shopping to do. I'm exhausted and still have the fruit shop to do in the morning. oh, and the ice and now the bread because woolies was out tonight..... boo hooooo. I just want to go to bed and click my fingers in the morning and it will all be done!!!


  1. good luck.. you are such a trooper I would be terrified.. lol lol

  2. I know what you mean.. exactly. LUCKILY for me, Sarah being the president has done most of the organising. Tonight we're having a sleepever with ALL the girls at Sarah's, and there I will be cooking muffins and potato salad, and egg for sandwiches. Sarah has been baking cookies and did all the other groceries, Gemma (my advisor) has baked cookies and muffins... it's never ending. We were talking about going on a Ward Youth Camp in June, but that got scrapped, thank heavens. I don't think I would have been able to cope with two camps in such close proximity. I guess I should be grateful this camp is only two days... oh and I still need ice too :)

  3. And I'm exhausted.. and we haven't even left yet. There may be excessive amounts of chocolate eaten to keep me awake the rest of the week :)

  4. I just wrote you a long comment then lost it all :( But I hope you really enjoyed your camp :)

    Bev, I have a friend who has just started a blog that I think you might enjoy too. She reminds me a bit of you. You can find it at:


  5. hehehe Bev - is it bringing back any memories of your own days at young Womens camp!!! Werent they the best! I loved young womens camp but have to say I would not at all be up to planning one for a gazillion girls!!! But I'm sure you have it all planned out and organised you wonderful woman you!!! Have a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!