Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am grateful for babies (and family)...........

Today we finally got to all go and meet my niece Lucy. I went by myself to meet her in the hospital but she was a little upset that night and I didn't get a cuddle. Then, Lachlan got croup and we were in confinement for quite a while, then I had camp stresses and the actual camp last week and then Hayden had a cold so yesterday all the stars aligned and we finally got there. She is just adorable. The boys were besotted and just loved baby Lucy. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE babies - I was totally besotted as a young girl and teenager - so cuddling this little bundle was lovely!

Welcome to the world little Lucy and especially to our family. Congratulations Darren and Paula! We totally love you already!! XXX

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  1. oh what a cutie.. it has been years since I have seen darren... like forever.. you need to include a photo of them too!! lol