Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have a love-hate relationship with computers

Welcome to my new blog address - which happened only because of my lack of being technologically-savvy. If you found your way here - thankyou, I guess I have some followers after all!

So it's been 3 months since I last blogged. Surely a lot has happened in that time? I'm sure it has but I shan't bore you with all the minor details. So here's a few pictures to summarize it.....

Oh, and so apparently I don't have a single photo of 'just me' where I am looking reasonably normal since my........ wedding. (It will not last the enduration of my blog....)

Before Christmas we went on the "Big Wheel" @ Southbank for FHE. The boys loved it and everytime we drive over the riverside expressway now, they ask if we can go on it again. It's not the cheapest thing in Brisbane, nor the most exciting so..... NO!

Christmas Eve - we had my family over for dinner. The boys look rather caring and sharing, and kind and cooperative here. Yes, Christmas is calm and loving in our house....

Christmas morning ... and Hayden got a puppy!

There has been a LOT of swimming this summer. Nanna and Pop had their new pool finished just in time for Christmas.
It has done wonders for the boys' Olympic swimming goals...

Ahhhh yes, New Year's Day. This was a lovely walk and the beginning of what we'd planned to be a lovely day in up on Mt Tamborine. We made it to the falls, Lachlan touched a weird leaf (encouraged by his father, though to be fair, there was no sign that the said leaf had hidden powers) and had a stinging sensation allover his hands. So began the whinging all the way back along the track, then we got to our car and found a rather huge snake curled up next to it. On to the picnic ground. I'm preparing lunch and Lachlan is playing on the nearby playground and then SMACK, he falls, and splits his chin open just as the rest of our lunch group arrives. We say hello and goodbye as we drive off to the hospital. 2 hours waiting + 2 minutes of glueing the wound back together = a very memorable New Year's Day.

No, nothing much exciting happens in my life!


  1. a beautiful photo of you Bev and beautiful family you got there, and i like your blog:) by the way what happened to your old blog?

  2. I love these blogs - its great to find out what has been going on in your lives! Clever blog - now I have found out what to do!